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The work: Serving as the driving force behind the Obama administration’s efforts to strengthen the safeguards on national security information in the wake of the WikiLeaks data breach.

The impact: Howell created the necessary mechanisms, metrics, and processes to improve the security of information on classified networks and support vital information-sharing objectives.

From Federal Computer Week, 04/03/2012

Federal News Radio


  • Kshemendra Paul - Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment, ODNI
  • Elaine Cummins - Chief Information Sharing Officer, FBI
  • Justin Murphy - Senior Advisior, Dept. of Justice
  • Neill Tipton - Dept. of Defense

Program discussion:

From Federal News Radio, 03/13/2012

One of the 9/11 Commission’s major findings was the need to improve sharing terrorism-related information within and across government lines. This spurred significant action on the part of the president, Congress, and across the intelligence and law enforcement communities to transform information sharing into an all encompassing environment where the exchange of information is the rule, not the exception: To shift from the “need to know” construct toward a “responsibility to provide” paradigm.

From Defense Media Network, 02/29/2012

Federal News Radio

One of the few remaining challenges around information sharing is not culture or policy, but technology.

From Federal News Radio, 01/27/2012


U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said cloud computing will play a major role as the nation’s spy agencies work to integrate computer and information systems to share more data securely.

Cloud computing has “huge potential for achieving savings and promoting integration,” Clapper told an audience today at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a policy group in Washington.

From Bloomberg, 01/27/2012

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper delivered the keynote address at The Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) event, "Information Sharing: Adapting and Improving an Expanded ISE" Thursday morning. Watch on CSPAN.

From C-SPAN, 01/26/2012

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should improve federal support to state and local fusion centers through expanded training opportunities, adequate deployments of federal personnel, and development of a strategic support plan, according to a recent report from the DHS inspector general (IG).

From Homeland Security Today, 12/15/2011

Over the past year, the threat environment facing our nation has evolved from one that primarily emanates from outside our borders to one that increasingly comes from within our communities.

From Bart Johnson, Urgent Comms, 10/25/2011

By Jason Miller
Audio Interview on Federal News Radio

President Barack Obama's executive order last week codified many of the steps agencies took in the last 11 months since WikiLeaks made a huge cache of classified information public.

But what may not be readily apparent in the mandate is the expansion of the role of the Information Sharing Environment (ISE).

From Federal News Radio, 10/13/2011

By Marc Ambinder

By executive order, President Obama will instruct federal agencies today to better safeguard their classified secrets, to set up internal audit systems, and to make sure that reluctance to share critical intelligence in the aftermath of the WikiLeaks exposure does not hamper collaboration across agencies.

From The Atlantic, 10/07/2011