Mission Partners

ISE mission partners are bureaus and agencies of federal, state, local, and tribal governments, the private sector, and international governments who contribute to our homeland security and counterterrorism mission. Please browse through our mission partner pages below for information about their work in information sharing, resource links, and updates from their social media.
Functionally, our mission partners span five communities: defense, intelligence, homeland security, foreign affairs, and law enforcement. They support the primary users of the ISE who work to keep our country safe: frontline law enforcement, public safety, homeland security, intelligence, defense, and diplomatic personnel.
The support of mission partners is critical to the success of the ISE. The role of PM-ISE, therefore, is to bring ISE mission partners together to:

  • collaborate and support shared solutions based on collective mission equities,
  • build consensus to prioritize funding and deliver on the shared vision, and
  • provide a collective management and governance framework to accelerate nationwide results.