Mission Partners

ISE mission partners are those departments and agencies that enable responsible sharing and safeguarding of counterterrorism and homeland security information. Mission partners include members from federal, state, local, tribal, private sector and international organizations.  
To learn more about what your agency or other participants are doing in the ISE, navigate through the Building Blocks section of this website and through our Annual Reports to the Congress.
Learn more about the office of the PM-ISE mission.
The support of mission partners is critical to the success of the ISE. Therefore, the role of PM-ISE is to bring ISE mission partners together for:

  • Governance - Provide collective management and governance to accelerate nationwide results.
  • Budget & Performance - Align the priorities established in your strategic goals with the resources it will take to reach them. As resources are applied, you measure how well you are doing and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Acquisition - By practicing smart acquisition, you can ensure that information sharing and safeguarding provisions are "built-in" to your acquisitions.
  • Standards & Interoperability – Achieving uniformity by ensuring that government and industry implement best practices throughout their data systems.
  • Communications & Partnerships – Strengthening existing Communities of Interest and Communities of Practice to create interoperability throughout relevant organizations.