ISE Mission Partners: State, Local, Territorial and Tribal Governments

State, Local, Territorial and Tribal Governments Overview

The informational needs of State, local, territorial and tribal entities continue to grow as they incorporate counterterrorism and homeland security activities into their day-to-day missions. Specifically, they require access to timely, credible, and actionable information and intelligence about indi­viduals and groups intending to carry out attacks within the United States, their organizations and their financing, potential targets, pre-attack indicators, and major events or circumstances that might influence State, local, territorial and tribal preventive and protective postures. As key participants in the information sharing mission, State, local, territorial and tribal entities are encouraged to undertake the following activities, in appropriate consultation and coordination with fed­eral departments and agencies:

  1. Foster a culture that recognizes the importance of fusing all-crimes information with national security implications, with other security-related information (e.g., criminal investigations, terrorism, public health and safety, and natural hazard emergency response);
  2. Support efforts to detect and prevent terrorist attacks by maintaining situational aware­ness of threats, alerts, and warnings, and develop critical infrastructure protection plans to ensure the security and resilience of infrastructure operations (e.g., electric power, transportation, telecommunications) within a region, State, or locality; and
  3. Develop training, awareness, and exercise programs to ensure that State, local, territorial and tribal personnel are prepared to deal with terrorist strategies, tactics, capabilities, and intentions, and to test plans for preventing, preparing for, mitigating the effects of, and responding to events.

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