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Department of Homeland Security Overview

In 2008, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) signed the Department of Homeland Security Information Sharing Strategy. This strategy was developed by the Information Sharing Governance Board (ISGB) and is highlighted below:

The President and Congress have directed the DHS to perform an essential and multi-faceted mission: prevent and protect against terrorist attacks; respond to both man-made and natural disasters; perform the law enforcement and other crucial functions of the Department’s component agencies; and play a central role in augmenting the Nation’s ability to gather, analyze and disseminate information and intelligence.

To ensure that information and intelligence flow where and when they should, DHS must foster information sharing, consistent with law, regulation and policy, in each of the following ways: i) internally within DHS, ii) horizontally within the U.S. government between both law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community, iii) vertically with State, local, territorial, tribal and private sector partners, and iv) horizontally with the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of foreign allies and appropriate international institutions.

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